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Can you Count!? Find out by playing this fun, simple and addictive game available in the Casual category of the Android Market. Give it a go: Download now via AppBrain for free (ad-supported)!

The aim of the game is to count a number of objects within a given time limit. There are three modes: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Screenshots from each of these are shown below. The number of correct consecutive guesses determines the score (shown in the center circle). A wrong guess resets the score to 0.


In the Beginner mode, an exact number of objects must be counted, starting easy but gradually increasing in numbers as the game progresses. The Intermediate mode requires and develops approximate counting skills. The number of objects is larger, but the available options are 10 counts apart. In the Advanced mode, the number of objects is even larger but the options are 50 counts apart.

Count!, in partnership with Scoreloop, provides global highscore lists which allow you to compete with people anywhere in the world. You can also challenge other players using the in-game currency, adding an extra level of excitement to these competitions. 

Further screenshots of the Count! menu are shown below.


Enjoy the game, and please do get in touch if you have any problems or suggestions for improvements!