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ScratchDown is a casual-style scratch & guess game available from the Android Market. It is fun, addictive and immediately accessible to players of all ages. Give it a try: Download now via AppBrain for free

The aim of the game is to scratch and guess a picture given four options as shown in the screenshots below. Scratching is entertaining in itself, but the real challenge is to manage the limited scratch allowance as indicated by the bar below the picture. The scratch allowance decreases after each correct guess. The less of the scratch allowance is used, the higher the score. 



ScratchDown is free and add-supported in its basic version in which pictures are downloaded on-the-fly from the ScratchDown group on (so an Internet connection is needed to play). This allows new pictures to be added constantly. The group currently features around 500 pictures, many of which are contributed by ScratchDown players. That's right: you can add you own pictures to this group for use in the game!

A number of paid add-ons are also available as separate downloads. ScratchDown is ad-free with one or more of these. 

  • The Premium Photography add-on contains 110 high-quality pictures by photographer Ros Marvin, carefully grouped to really keep you guessing. 
  • The Geography add-on contains outline maps of American states and world countries. This is a great way to learn geography or challenge your hard-earned skills through play. 
  • The Money add-on lets you guess the combined value of 4 Euro coins or notes. This is a great way for children to learn mental arithmetic. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity: the Money add-on also requires strategic and logical skills in order to infer the correct guess with limited scratching. 
  • Finally, the Custom add-on lets you create your own games from Flickr photos by specifying one or more of a group name; a user name; or tags. This opens up for a whole new experience of viewing pictures through play, for the enjoyment of yourself, your family and your friends. Custom Flickr games also have the option of playing indefinitely: instead of the game being over on wrong guesses, a penalty score is given and the game continues. 

ScratchDown, in partnership with Scoreloop, provides global highscore lists which allow you to compete with people anywhere in the world. You can also challenge other players using the in-game currency, adding an extra level of excitement to these competitions.

Some additional screenshots are shown below. These are of the ScratchDown menus, the Geography add-on, and the Money add-on, respectively.



Enjoy the game, and please do get in touch if you have any problems or suggestions for improvements.