How much do you get out-and-about? Take the Locometer test and find out! Compare your score with friends and other users globally and post the verdict to your social networks. Download now (via AppBrain) for free!

Locometer is a bit of light-hearted fun, so don't take it too seriously. It tracks your whereabouts and gives you one point for each 500x500m cell in which you spend more that 30 minutes during a day. Scores can be submitted to a global leaderboard via Scoreloop in order to compare the behaviour of people world-wide. In addition to a score, Locometer also gives a textual verdict that can be posted to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Three screenshots from Locomoter are shown below. The green cells in the second screenshot indicate the locations where the user has spent time during a day. The cell with the blue outline, containing a blue dot, is the cell where the user is currently located.


Locometer uses network-based location and consumes virtually no battery. This means, however, that it is most accurate in cities and with WIFI enabled. 

Enjoy the app, and please do get in touch if you have any problems or suggestions for improvements!