Smart Places

Smart Places brings ease of use and real-world social networking to Facebook Places. Start using Facebook Places the smart way today -- download it from the Android Market for free

Its easy: check in with 2 clicks from the home screen widget, or draw zones on a map where you automatically get checked in. Its like Glympse, but for space instead of time.

Its real: get notifications when friends check-in nearby, so you can meet up with friends in real life.

Selected screenshots:

Smart Places also shows you time stats for Facebook places, including the total time spent in a place; time during the current day, week and month; and average time per day, week and month. Optionally include time stats in your Facebook checkin messages.

Smart Places does its best to find your location via WiFi, so its fast and battery-friendly. You can alternatively use GPS, or set your location manually if you don't get a fix automatically -- or just for fun!

A paid upgrade, Smart Places Key, unlocks a number of cool premium features of Smart Places. Download it from the Android Market today, available for a limited-time introductory price.

The premium features include:
  • Automatic check-outs which delete a check-in and/or post a wall message when leaving a zone. Why stay checked-in when you have left a place?
  • A 4x1 home screen widget showing the latest nearby check-in, including an icon, place and message, and with 2-click access to checkins
  • Priority Places, where you have checked-in previously, are shown immediately in the checkin screen for quick access, before other places are loaded, and remain at the top of the list. 
  • Custom check-in and check-out messages containing custom time stats for a zone.
  • Set and monitor time targets for a zone to track the amount of time spent at for example the gym.
  • Satellite map.
  • And its ad-free!
Selected screenshots showing premium features:

Check out our 5-min demo videos for the free version and paid upgrade below. 

Smart Places Demo

Smart Places Premium Upgrade Demo

Any questions or problems? Just get in touch!
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