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Are you an Android developer? If so, AppMonitor is for you: it tracks applications of interest and notifies you of any new sales, ratings and comments. Download now (UK£4.99) and gain a competitive edge!

I originally developed AppMonitor for my personal use because I was going crazy constantly checking for changes to my application stats: I am passionate about my apps and always curious about how they are performing on the Android Market. I also find it important to respond rapidly to user comments. AppMonitor makes this possible, helping improve ratings and rankings on the Market.

AppMonitor requires Android 2.0+ since this enables access to the market without any need for users to provide a 
Google account username and password. It is however necessary to grant AppMonitor Market access permissions when requested by the OS. If you want to be notified about new purchases, you must provide AppMonitor with a Google Checkout Merchant ID and Key.

Enjoy the app, and please do get in touch if you have any problems or suggestions for improvements.