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Do you know how long you spend in your favourite cafe; the gym; the library; at work; or with your secret lover? Find out with the GeoTimer tool for Android! Download now via AppBrain for free (ad-supported). 

GeoTimer tracks your whereabouts and reports time statistics for any location of interest drawn out on a Google Map. To create a new timer, simply long-press the map: a timer icon will then expand until the touch is released. Once a timer is created, just press its icon to view the amount of time spent in the location, both in total and as daily, weekly and monthly averages. You can then share your stats with friends on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

GeoTimer uses network-based location by default, which works best in cities and with WIFI networks enabled. In this default mode, GeoTimer consumes virtually no battery. If higher accuracy is needed, GPS can be enabled in the timer settings. The phone's GPS will then activate when the WIFI location accuracy is low; use this feature with care, as GPS does drain the battery noticeably.

GeoTimer is free and ad-supported in its basic version, which is restricted to a single timer at a time. A key-app can be purchased separately from the Market, which allows for an unlimited number of timers.

Enjoy the app, and please do get in touch if you have any problems or suggestions for improvements!